First Day of School, er, New Job

I am finishing up my final days at my current job. The beginning of the week will filled with good-bye lunches, cards, and gifts, but now I am the only staff person in the office for the remainder of the week. It's certainly an anticlimatic way of ending this job, but it's also given me time to think about my next position and what I want to do differently. Here is a list of my hopes and aspirations in formation.
  1. I hope that I like my new job.
  2. I hope that I fit in with my new coworkers.
  3. I hope that I can regain my enthusaism, passion, commitment, and perservance. Basically, I want to live up to my potential again.

Here is a list of what I do not want to do.

  1. I will not complain about being a junior level person.
  2. I will not get worried about having a much smaller salary.

Most of all I am just plain excited. I wish I had a few days to transition between the two places, but having a job is reason enough to be plenty thankful.

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