Why I Feel REALLY Lucky to Have My Job

I got to sit inside the United Nations General Assembly yesterday for the Opening Ceremonies of the 55th Commission on the Status of Women.

Really, I've got nothing to complain about.

Um...I Have a Date?

Just today I was standing in line, waiting for my badge to enter the United Nations for the Commission on the Status of Women, when I thought to myself the most shallow thing ever, which was:  "I am never going to meet a man through my work." As it turns out, most dudes aren't that interested in working for women-specific causes. Most of the time, I don't mind that; in fact, it can be pretty awesome to be in a room full of passionate, powerful women. The energy is something like none other. But when it comes to scoping out the men folk, it's not so good for that.

After enjoying my latest takeout meal and lounging in pajamas, I was reading through my conference booklet (aka playing Snood on my laptop) when I get a text. A text from Mr. Tennis Pro. Don't remember him? Well, I actually never wrote about him. He contacted me via eHarm back in October when I was in the middle of my cross-country tour. This guy was persistent and patient, and after a few phone calls, I totally blew him off. I was just getting to the point where I couldn't stand dating anymore, and I had to say to him (and one or two others) that I was sorry, but I just couldn't do the dating thing right now. He responded with a frowny face and to let him know if I changed my mind.

I figured this would be a total turn-off for the guys I turned down. Apparently not for Mr. Tennis Pro (who is not only a tennis pro; he is also a business analyst, but tennis pro is more fun to say.) When I said I was surprised to hear from him, he said he'd found me intriguing. Then he asked when I'd be back and promptly asked me out for dinner and drinks the day after--and that he'd call me the day before to work out the details.

Persistent. Apparently doesn't hold a grudge. Bold. I can work with that.

So, apparently I have a date on Saturday night.

You've Got a Lot of Nerve

So it seems that my job is getting in the way of my blogging. I hate when that happens! I'm off to New York for the week, but before I go, I just had to write about this.

Yesterday I was having a good day. A fantastic day, actually. After a few really rough days of work, I had gotten an invitation to meet with some of the House Foreign Affairs staff. It had gone really well, and I was feeling like maybe I actually have a chance to, I don't know, impact something for real for once. On my walk back to the Metro, I was talking with my colleague when I decided to quickly check my email on my phone.

"What the fuck? Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?" All my lady-likeness and politeness I'd managed to muster up for my Hill meeting had dissipated instantly. Because at the top of my email was this.

"Dr. Nutrition would like to add you to his professional network on LinkedIn."


Let me refresh your memory. Dr. N and I went out for about two months when he decided just to completely blow me off, even after I'd given him an easy out. It hurt my feelings, pissed me off, but it wasn't the end of the world. Whatever, guys can be dicks about that shit. But then after that, he has the balls to send me a LinkedIn invitation out of nowhere?

Not to hate on LinkedIn, but requests to be added to someone's network are even less personal and more generic than a Facebook friend request. Usually it's something I reserve for people with whom I've worked and with whom I am on good terms. To be clear, Dr. Nutrition and I are not on good terms because he blew me off and hasn't talked to me for 4 months. 

So, I respond to his out-of-the-blue request with a one word e-mail. "Seriously?"

I didn't expect him to respond. But within an hour, I got this reply:

"Hi, how have you been? I'm sorry for how things ended between us, but I'd like to maintain a professional relationship...if possible. Since we talked, I became chair of this new organization. I've attached some information and I'd love for you to join. Look it over and let me know if you want to be a member. Have a great weekend! Dr. Nutrition."

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS BULLSHIT? You blow me off, you don't talk to me for MONTHS, and now you want me to do you a fucking favor? You want me to JOIN your organization?!

There were so many things I wanted to say in response. But, I restrained myself. I simply said, "Best of luck. Sorry, I don't have time for any more commitments. If you want to expand your membership, I recommend contacting this and that person. Best, Me." 

Look, Dr. Nutrition. DC is a small fucking town, and you burned a bridge with me--a bridge to fantastic. Had you been decent enough to tell me that things weren't working out, it would've taken me some time, but we could definitely be cordial with one another. But since you didn't have the balls to be honest, I don't owe you a fucking thing.

Sweet Carolina

Back in October, I spent my entire six-hour drive back from my 5 year college reunion in Davidson, NC plotting how I'd get back there permanently. I don't think anyone could blame me for it. The combination of nostalgia, reconnecting, beautiful weather, not to mention my then general distaste for all things DC, was too enticing not to consider. I thought about it for a few weeks, discovered I could actually do it without losing my current job, had a conversation with my boss, my mom, and my therapist. I blogged about it. And then predictably after a few weeks it kind of faded into the background, no longer at the forefront of my mind.

Until last week. My uncle, who lives in Durham, emailed me to see if I was still interested in moving to North Carolina. He's building a new house and while his condo is on the market, he wants me to come stay there to keep an eye on the place. Rent free. Currently I am paying out the nose for a bedroom in a shared house where I have no privacy other than in my bedroom and am awakened daily by a pissy chihuahua. So, I'm being offered a chance to live in a beautiful two-bedroom condo for free. In North Carolina. Within six hours of my family. And I can keep my current job. When I do need to come back to DC, it's only a four-hour drive or a measly 45 minute flight.  It feels like an offer I can't refuse.

This is how I figure it. I go live there for the rest of the 2011 while I still have my current job. I save up some money (hello, no rent) and begin making a professional network there. If when December comes around, my current contract is not removed, I begin looking for jobs in the Research Triangle. Worst case scenario is I land a job in DC or elsewhere and have to move again, but with some extra cash set aside.What if the condo sells? My uncle has already offered me the entire top floor of his new house where I'd have room for a separate office for the rest of the year.

Seriously, I feel like I can't lose. It's a low-risk opportunity to try something new on a trial basis. I feel like I have to go for it.