I'm not so in love today

It was bound to happen--the end of the honeymoon phase. No, I'm not talking about living with SCL, which is still awesome (even though math camp means math I'm talking about my relationship with D.C. Here are some annoying things that have happened in the last day or so that have really made me question whether or not my relationship with the city is going to work out.

First, the Metro. Yesterday SCL and I were riding in together (so fun!). I kissed him good-bye at the Foggy Bottom station, took a seat, a pulled out Jimmy Carter's book to read for the next five minutes until arriving at my stop. That was until I heard the annoying message that a train ahead had broken down and we would be moving "momentarily." They proceeded to announce this repeatedly over the next 20 minutes. Finally we move again and get to the next station...where we proceed to stall for another 15 minutes. By the time I got to work, it was close to 9:30 and I was not so happy. (Also, this is one among many issues I've had with the Metro this summer.)

Second, the dynamics of my job. My boss today, I kid you not, emailed me to print out some spreadsheets for her. WTF? In the time it took her to email me about it, she could've done it herself at least 3 times! What, did she want me to deliver the sheets on a gold platter? I took the annoyance of having to go to her office as an opportunity to ask about some logistics for an upcoming event, which she had requested I research. When I came back with details, she proceeded to act terribly annoyed that I had bothered her with all of this cumbersome information because she was so busy--and for me to go over it with someone else in the office. Grrrr.

Third, the awkward networking. I went to an event tonight that was free (!) and supposed to be a networking opportunity with other health non-profits. Upon arriving, I realized I was the only newbie and everyone was speaking in those horrible acronyms that make absolutely no sense to me at all because--hello! this is DC, land of the non-profits. There are scads of them, all of which think they're the shit and think everyone should know what their stupid letters stand for. Needless to say, I drank my drink (non-alcoholic, trying to cut back), ate my overly priced appetizers (which were free--perk!), and scooted out of there before I could hear one more person defend Sarah Palin. No, I am not joking.

True, I am being emotional, and I'm not giving my beloved city much chance to tell its side of the story. But right now all I want to do is crawl into bed, finish my Julie Andrews memoir, and hope to wake up with a better attitude tomorrow. DC, let's give it another try, shall we?

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  1. ugh, the metro is SO annoying. i'm done with it.

    hope dc is better to you.