Mile High Blogging

So, I really have nothing interesting to say (what's new, right?), but at this very moment, my mind is being blown. Why? Because my AirTran flight home has complimentary WiFi (thanks Google Chrome). And that means I can do things on the Internet while flying. Like blog. About nothing. *giggle*

So, my so-so date from Friday (who insisted on TALKING through Harry Potter! I know, I should've kicked him in the balls) has sent a follow up email. I'll write him back...eventually. He wasn't writing to ask for a second date. Instead he shared that he still isn't sure if he liked Harry Potter or not. (I know, another kick in the balls is due.) Interesting. Doesn't really make this HP aficionado want to write back. 

But, in better news, I am currently heading home (On a flight! Right now! With Wifi!) for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family for the first time since 2007! The last two years I've been at SCL's (one of the only good parts about this break-up is not being subjected to his parents on holidays), so I am really looking forward to warm temperatures (high of 77 today), cuddling with my Yorkie, and time away from DC. 

I'll probably be blogging some this week, but I can almost guarantee that anything I post will be even less interesting than what I've written here. 


  1. LOL... I love it! It doesn't matter if you have something earth shattering to share or not. Finding joy in the simple, unexpected things in life (such as free wifi on a plane) is a great thing to write about. People always seem to be attracted to and glamorize negative drama and we forget to be mindful and celebrate the positive. I hope you have a great time with your family!

  2. Okay anyone who's "not sure" if they liked HP or not is NOT worth it. What a LOSER! Who does that!?!

    Have a wonderful week with your family and a wonderful Thanksgiving. You deserve the break!

  3. There is no excuse for talking through a movie. You should have moved your seat for sure.

    Also...he emailed you to tell you he wasn't sure if he liked it? Strange. I would email him back and tell him that you aren't interested in his opinion.

    I was pretty excited to find out my flight to GA had wi-fi...and that wasn't even free wi-fi. Good for you...enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Good for you with the free wifi! Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

    As for this fellow--maybe it's time to pull the plug? Doesn't seem you're that interested and the HP thing definitely sounds like a turn off, especially since you're clearly a fan!

  5. Wooohooo I'm your 100th follower! Such an honor :)

  6. I'm not sure a slight difference in movie/book tastes warrants a "kick in the balls." Varying personalities are what make life and relationships interesting and worthwhile ;)

    That being said, this latest Harry Potter movie was rushed. There was probably enough time for everything to fully develop in the books, but as an outsider, this latest movie just had too much going on. That, and I get the creeping suspicion that JK Rowling just makes up new "magic rules" and items as she goes along to keep things interesting. Which is okay, it just makes everything appear a bit contrived.

  7. Tanya, you are the best! You win a gold star. :-)