Buena Vis(t)a

"Open it, open it!" Carolina Man said as he drove us to the gym, a healthy habit we were already cultivating on our second day of living together.

The single piece of mail we'd gotten that day had been an envelope from Capitol One. I'd raved to CM about my rewards AmEx and how I'd already spent enough to earn serious bucks off a trip--a honeymoon, maybe? Since he was just using his debit card, he figured he'd join the credit card rewards fun and earn some buck-age along the way.

We'd been in lots of conversations about our finances--how much we each had in savings, how much we wanted to spend together, much we could set aside each month for a wedding. Thankfully we're not starting from scratch, but we aren't into A) doing it on the cheap B) counting on our families to help (though they might) or C) doing it in the far, far distant future. That means the more we can save, the better.

I thought it was kind of weird that he wanted me to open up his credit card envelope, but I figured he was just excited about having a new card and his hands were occupied with the driving.

But then, when I opened up the letter inside, I saw the card. It had a picture on it. A picture of us from our mini-vacation to the beach. We were in our bathing suits, lips locked, with a gorgeous blue sky and ocean behind us. A buena vista Visa.

It was the sweetest, most unexpected gesture. To me, it said, "I love this woman and I want everyone to know. I want everyone to see."

This guy's for real. I mean, my picture is on his credit card.



    I better be invited to the wedding! I already hear wedding bells!

  2. My Fiancee loathes Carolina Man!haha. Just Kidding! That is very sweet & one seriously committed dude! Congrats =D

  3. Hmmm. Wedding planning? You should check out A Practical Wedding. I'm a big fan of their approach to weddings, and bucking the Wedding Industrial Complex when necessary. 'Do's and Don'ts for Friends of the Pre-Engaged' is a rather funny post, but you might also appreciate the post on 'Questions to Ask Before Marriage'.

    The commenters on the blog are all fairly thoughtful, too. Some of my favorite discussions come from the post 'On Name Changing and Weddings.'

    It's worth a look! Good luck :)

  4. This is so cute... could be straight out of a romantic movie! I'm very happy for you and Carolina Man. :)

  5. Non-Student,

    I haven't read your blog in ages, and popped on here while I had a break in studying. I read every entry from when you first met Carolina Man. I even teared up reading some of them, because everything sounded so perfect. That is exactly how it is supposed to happen, and I'm so happy your heart is so confident in this. Your friends may be looking out for you in their warnings to be cautious, but that's only because they have never experienced something like this. I don't know you, and I don't know him, but I can tell from your writing that this is real, it's supposed to be like this, and I wish you so much happiness on this stage of your journey with him. I felt like I was reading my own story, and here we (my husband and I) are five years later and happier than ever.

    Best of luck! (Not that you need it!)