Happiest of Birthdays, Carolina Man!

Wishing my love the happiest of birthdays. You are my gift everyday! 


  1. Let me just tell you all what a sweet, thoughtful, and creative person my partner is. She has made this the most special birthday of my life. I'm not exaggerating. You know that game "Dirty Minds"? Where the clues sound like dirty things but are describing non-dirty things? Well she created a Birthday edition for me. Dirty clues that lead me to my presents. But not just one night of presents...presents every day for a whole week!! I can honestly say I could care less what the presents are. The best present is that she put so much effort into making this a special birthday for me. I told her last night that I will never forget this birthday. 20 years from now I will remember (and probably still have) the game and the clues. The presents will fade away, but the memory of the effort she put into this birthday will remain forever. I love you baby, thank you so much!