A Cure for the (nearly almost over) Holiday Blues

I'm not sure how it's possible that my favorite day of the year is during the absolute worst time of the year. Seriously, last night I fell asleep at 8 pm with the lights still on because apparently my body begins shutting down at promptly 5:45 pm when the sun has ditched us for the day. Bastard sun.

I have to face the fact that as much as I love "the holidays," they really consist of a bunch of normal days where it's cold and dark and there are no presents to be opened. And this year, a lot of "the holidays" will be spent driving up and down I-95. And then what's after the holidays? The most godawful months of the year: January, the absolute worst month of the year, followed by the runner up for "Worst Month of the Year," February.

Are you ready for me to STFU yet? I am. And what better way to STFU about the post-holiday blues than a trip to...

Playa del Carmen, Mexico!!!

Yep, Feb. 13-18th Carolina Man and I will be frying our skin and gorging ourselves on all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffets.

The best part is that summer clothes are SUPER ON SALE right now. Below are just a few items I've purchased this week, all for less than $225 total.


  1. Aw, I understand. I hate myself a little too!

  2. OOOh! My SO and I went to Playa in June (stayed at the Royal) and it was a blast! Jealous!!

    Have fun!

  3. I love buying clothing off-season. Sweaters go on sale in February/March, hahaha. 'Time to stock up on the basics.

  4. I just got back from there! You will looooove it- not sure where you'll be, but check out Xcaret Park if you can, it is seriously amazing

  5. Ooh, you all are making me even more excited for my trip!!!!

  6. Just catching up on you... I am going to be there Feb. 18-22! Weird! Hope you have a great time because I am soooo all-inclusively excited.