Being the Easter Bunny

As the youngest of my family, I got spoiled with many post-childhood years of things like Santa Claus gifts and visits from the Easter Bunny. In fact, these rituals continued well into college as my mom struggled with her empty nest. Then my nephew was born, and it all went out the window. Damn kid.

I get it. These holiday rituals go from getting as a kid to giving as an adult, but what about in the in between when you're a childless adult?

Behold the return of the Easter bunny, at least in our house. Carolina Man and I decided to give each other Easter baskets, which ranks up there as one of the best ideas of all time. It's a gift to have a partner who gets excited about silly things like this, and is just as excited to put together a basket for me as he was to get his.

Highlights of my basket: a 4-lb bag of Starburst jellybeans; Real Simple wedding planning book; Toy Story 3 in 3D! Highlights of his basket: a new workout shirt; Cadbury chocolate eggs; and more peanut butter chocolate eggs than you've ever seen. 

The only trouble is that we're both on a health kick (down 10 lbs and 7 lbs respectively!), so the abundance of candy options presented a problem. We took different approaches (I bought a little, he bought a lot), but I've been amazed by the restraint we've both shown. Granted it's required stuffing it all into a shoebox that is under a number of other things in our pantry, but despite working from home with the knowledge that there is candy galore available at all times, I haven't touched a single piece before 8 pm. You have no idea how amazing this is.

But, I just loved that we reclaimed the fun of the holiday for ourselves. We sipped on mimosas, made brunch, and watched TV. It was the perfect day. Isn't it fun to have your own family and do whatever the hell you want?


  1. That is the BEST idea! Boyfriend and I may need to steal it for next year =-)

    1. Definitely! Who says we're too old for Easter baskets?

  2. Last year, my friend threw an "Easter Syringes" which we injected chocolate with alcohol using needles. And used half-eaten hollow chocolate bunnies to sip hard alcohol from.

    Easter was kinda always meant to be screwed with ;) It is all about candy, after all!

  3. I got flowers & he got a movie! Our families are a hot mess when it comes to these things SO we just say screw it and stay home, cook, drink, & relax =D