Getting Ready for Baby, Maybe?

I shared a few weeks ago that MT and I signed up for an online course called Purposeful Conception. (See button on the right for more info.) Mostly it was an overview of things I had already researched, but it lead to some interesting conversations between the two of us. Mostly, how can anyone really be ready for the journey of becoming parents?

For both of us, but for MT in particular, considering the losses is much easier than projecting the possible gains. The loss of freedom is one that resonates most. We have no concept of just how much freedom we have right now because we've never been without it. Flexibility to make plans as far in advance or on a moment's notice is something that we both treasure. While I wouldn't consider us spontaneous people, having a kid will challenge even our "super planner" personalities.

It's also a scary thing to make ourselves vulnerable to the process of trying to get pregnant. There are so many things out of our control and so very few that we have power to shape. Even when the pre-natal vitamin is taken religiously and the sex is timed perfectly, the chance of conceiving each month is dismal. Potential disappointment lurks around each monthly cycle's corner.

And yet, here we are, in the process. We went from actively avoiding to actively trying, kidding ourselves at first that we'll just "wait and see what happens." That isn't who we are. We are the 100% committed kind of people! We want results. We want affirmation.

There is so much yet to be learned, things I cannot even imagine. I'm nervous but excited. I know I'm not ready and that I never really could be, but I'm comforted in knowing that no one ever is.


  1. Crossing my fingers for you two! I was going to say I was thinking of you but then I thought that sounded like I was thinking of you.... well, doing the deed. And that's just SO not what I meant!

  2. What an exciting/nerve-wracking/fun/important time in your life!

    The loss of freedom is definitely something we miss. Even the little things, like with my husband gets home from work he no longer has the "freedom" to sit on the couch, stare at a wall, and unwind for fifteen minutes. Now he has to be "on" when he walks through the door b/c we're getting dinner ready, HP is at his tired by that point and needs our full attention, and whatever else has come up for the day. But of course, it's also all kinds of crazy fun and I love it.

    I would say "good luck" but that feels... awkward. So how about just a "Yay! Babies!"

  3. Well, you already have a dog, so you already have some slight understanding of what it means to lose the spontaneity. I was shocked at how much extra hassle it is just to have a cat. A cat. One of the easy ones!

    Good luck!

  4. I love that you're embracing the next step, however it unfolds. It's not easy to surrender to what will be but at least the process is enjoyable! <3