The Scary Things That I've Done This Month

1) Auditioned for Chicago

2) Auditioned at callbacks for the role of Merry Murderess

3) Applied for another job

4) Interviewed for said job

5) Waited anxiously for calls about cast and job

While I know I didn't get cast for the show (damn it!), I am still waiting to hear back from the job. I've tried willing my phone to ring, but so far, it hasn't worked out too well. I know that they want someone to start at the beginning of January, so really, a phone call earlier rather than later would be best for all involved.

Let me just say, despite fears of jinxing it, I would be perfect for this job. The director and I are completely on the same wavelength about it. In fact, my interview was just a straight up conversation with no interrogating questions at all. I felt relaxed, knowledgeable, and even enjoyed myself. And now I'm just trying to stay hopeful that all of my good luck will be concentrated into this one thing.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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