I'm Dreaming of a White (Elephant) Christmas

One of SCL's family traditions is an annual family-wide Christmas party with White Elephant gift exchange. There's a standard $10 limit, and while gifts don't have to be gag gifts necessarily, is there really anything more fun than buying something ridiculous?

Our source of inspiration: As Soon on TV products. More specifically, the BumpIt.

Despite our best efforts, we could not find a BumpIt in time, which saddened SCL to no end. He really thought this would be the best gift ever. I'm not sure if there's just really that high of a demand for these godawful devices, or if they're still in their "TV only" stage.

So, he had to go with the next best thing....
That's right. EZcombs. Aren't they stylish? It's like a grown up version of the Topsy Tail.

And for me, a slightly different but clearly related product...
Look at that cleavage! I really hope a guy gets this one.

The best part was they were both on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, plus we had coupons for 20% off, making these babies $5.38 each. And if we don't get to go because of this massive snowstorm heading our way, I will have new fashionable items to sport after the holidays! :-)

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