And We're Back

Hello folks. It's me, one of those fair weather bloggers who let her blog slide for two solid months. But instead of saying "Oh well, I guess I can't be a blogger. Blog fail," here I am, admitting my lack of care and hoping to do a better job this time around. And in case you wanted one, I do have a little bit of an excuse it. I got a new job. A fabulous one, one that makes me leap for joy most days, but one that also means a lot more work--and less structure for getting it done. You see, I'm a "consultant," which is basically a fancy way of saying no benefits and no office space. So, for the last month and a half I've been experimenting with working from home.

It's gone both poorly and rather well, depending on the week or even the day. I sort of feel like I'm back in grad school in that there's really a lot of flexibility for getting my work done. I don't have anyone looking over my shoulder or harassing me or even asking me if I have enough to do. And even better than being a grad student, I actually get paid rather well to do this.

Things were off to a decent start, and then Snowpocalypse hit DC. And there is nothing less motivating than a good 30 inches of snow on the ground, especially when the government is closed. At first I thought having nowhere else to go would actually help me get more done, but really it did quite the opposite. Being forced to say inside made me want to do less and less of everything. Theoretically, it would have been great to 1) clean 2) organize 3) work out (gym inside our building) 4) cook 5) read 6) organize Gmail. But I did just about none of these things. I did, however, get caught up on Chelsea Lately and really, really bad movies.

Now that we're sort of thawing out (although it is currently snowing just a little outside--I hate you, snow!), I'm back to thinking about how to work more effectively from home, even with all of the distractions, including SCL who is working here, too. I will say, he is generally much more disciplined than I am. I could learn a thing or two from him.

And with that discipline I plan to build in time to blog again, that is if you haven't all given up on me.

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