The Good Earth (Friday)

I am trying a different kind of post, one that speaks to an area I rarely have discussed here. I know it's a shift from my usual post, but as some have suggested, I am trying something new here. Would love to hear your thoughts! 
Interesting that Good Friday and Earth Day fall on the same day this year. I wish I had some deep enviro-ethical thing to say about this, but my theology brain has gone on what seems like a permanent vacation. Unless it pertains to maternal health, in which case I can usually whip something together.

From the looks of things Earth Day is getting a lot more coverage. This makes sense on many levels. The environment is just beginning to get some of the much-deserved attention it requires. It's mostly non-sectarian, unless you think Earth doesn't deserve its own holiday. And, as for Good Friday, who really likes talking about ancient torture, humiliation, and death?

Answer: seminary students. Apart from them, not really anyone. But, I digress.

Easter is a holiday that one can't really jump ahead of time to celebrate. The 40 days (plus Sundays) of Lent leading up to Easter are marked by introspection, sacrifice, and centering. In my case, it has involved abstinence from all forms of alcohol (and I'm counting the hours down until my first mimosa at Sunday brunch with Katie at our local gay bar.) Basically, it's a whole lot of un-fun. But not pointless un-fun. Really, really important un-fun.

On Wednesday I got to lead a small chapel service in song. I started with "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child." I almost got choked up. It's a spiritual I almost feel unfit to sing; it carries with it the weight of suffering I've never felt. And yet, there is part of me that can connect with the feeling of being  "a long way from home." Lent is a time of journeying into the wilderness, of being far away from our "home," our comfort and familiar routine.

Good Friday is the beginning of the end of this journey. It's been a long one for me. And, I'm ready for some Easter joy to cast out the darkness again.


  1. I think both deserve coverage although I was really aggravated by a tweet I saw earlier. It was basically someone saying that there should be no Earth Day because it's just a hippie holiday. That makes me angry! Earth Day, to me, is about our environment and bettering out planet. The reason this person tweeted that is that she said today should be all about Jesus. And frankly, I think Jesus would think Earth Day is important as well. I don't know... that's just how I see it.

  2. I'm so with you, Krysten. I actually think it's kind of cool the two land on the same day, so people of Christian faith can reflect on how the two are related. Shows how we live in VERY different parts of the US--Earth Day dominates in DC.