A Pause

My posting has screeched to a near halt. It started unintentionally but has become less so. Observing some of the less than charitable behavior that goes on online (of which I have certainly been a part of at times) has gotten me thinking about the purpose of my own blog and if it's something I wish to continue.

Whether right or wrong, when you share your life publicly, you open yourself up to criticism. I have not been the exception. I can't say I agree with the idea that having a blog somehow means you have signed up for whatever kind of bullshit people want to hurl at you. (Is human decency a lost art?) But nonetheless, feeling unfairly criticized and judged is part of the blogging territory.

And, I've been feeling like my inner critic, the little bastard that he is, really doesn't need any more ammunition. He does just fine on his own finding things to cut me down. So, do I really need another venue for feeling like a jerk when I screw up in my life?

I started the blog with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted it to be--a blog about what it was like to date a PhD student when I wasn't in school. I had grand notions of providing a community for those in this strange situation. But when I found myself single, the blog became a refuge--one I really needed. I found support and community in the midst of real heartache and pain. And then, it became a dating blog, and that was a shift I was not prepared for. Apparently people have lots of opinions about dating and what people should or shouldn't do--and they like telling you what to do. And, before I realized it, dating had been elevated to a level of importance in my life that I never anticipated. I let it become more important than it should have been.

Which is why I haven't been blogging about dating anymore. I don't want it to take up that space in my life--because it could if I let it. Dates can make a good story. Dating is attached to so many other deeper issues--what I want and desire, how I feel about my future, things that I should really reserve for those closest to me. Unfortunately, I have a problem with spilling my guts to anyone, and it's something I'm working on.

You know, I thought operating under a pseudonym would protect me, but it didn't. It never did. In some ways I think by not having a picture or a real name it made it easier to forget that I was a real person.

This is all to say, I'm not certain what I want to do about the blog, but I know that going forward, I'm going to keep my personal life just that--personal.


  1. Well you know I still love emailing and our GChats! I'm so glad I found your blog and that we became friends through it. You know I adore you and will have your back whenever you need it.

    And one day we are going to do a blogger vacation. Puerto Rico!!

  2. Krysten, I probably should have emphasized more all the GOOD stuff that has come from blogging--like making friends with you! I've definitely missed the community of blogging.

  3. I think these comments might be exactly what's missing. Is it possible to be over-focusing on the bad stuff? Most people are driven to blogging as a way to be part of a community, or to express oneself.

    Now, my blog isn't about dating, so I don't come under the same fire as you...but maybe that's a direction you could take the blog in? Hobbies? Life in general? Anything-but-dating? Good luck ;)

  4. Iris, you may be right. I've wanted my blog to have a focus, and dating was just what it became by default. I don't want it to be "random thoughts in my head" blogging, but maybe I could find a new focus.

  5. Community is what blogging is all about, but I can see how negativity might cause some to venture away from blogging because it can be soul-crushing. Luckily, I haven't had to deal with that (yet) and I totally understand not wanting it to just be random thoughts. (We have enough of those blogs!) Maybe more about life, career, women's issues? Things you're passionate about?

  6. Ooops! Just when i discovered your blog. Hope you come to the right decision about it. It's not easy walking the Personal Line on the internet though


  7. I hope you don't stop blogging. I have always enjoyed coming here and reading your thoughts on the dating scene and all of life's ups and downs. I have had some trolls in the past, too, so I understand how incredibly devastating that can be, and I've learned not to take the hurtful comments too seriously (though it's never been easy).

    I wish you the best of luck whatever you do decide.