A Note to the Ex

Seriously? No, seriously? You couldn't even take two seconds to send me an email to say "happy birthday"? You know how important birthdays are to me. And I spent yours with you this year.

I've got to find a way to stop being disappointed by you. I have to take you off the list of people who matter to me. But in the meantime, I have to admit that you've really hurt my feelings. And I still want my things back.


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry. What a prick. Get your things back and tell him to shove it!

  2. He is your ex for a reason. He won't wish you a happy birthday. And you really shouldn't want him to.

  3. Saying "should" when it comes to feelings doesn't change them. I just wish he hadn't sent me this email a few weeks ago that was all "I still care about you." He can't possibly still care about me and ignore me, so I wish he hadn't fed me that bullshit.

  4. O my!! I haven't been on for a while. Had no idea you are so young. Happy Birthday in arrears!! You are an accomplished young woman, I want to be you when I grow up.
    You must have heard this so many times but please actively let this one go. I sat here and read all your posts (yes all) and I still see you holding on to this man (despite all the attempts at dating) you have to let him go. As in, your battle is to do what this man has done...his email about caring is just his way of softening the guilt. He knows the pain he has and is causing you so he continues to say nice things here and there. I am not a man but one thing I have learned about them is most show you how they feel about you by their actions. It is painful to hear but this one has written it on the wall so clearly. The only person hurting themselves here is you! I am a bit upset at you because you are freaking awesome. I want to walk in your shoes professionally. You are changing lives everyday, there is no reason why your life should be ruined by this man.

    The ball is in your court to free yourself from the hold that this man has on you. It's like you have one hand chained to a wall and you hold the key in your other hand. (forgive my crappy analogy)but FREE YOURSELF. It is so difficult, I mean it is hard but it is not impossible. I can say this because I just unlocked myself and I am experiencing love like never before. It might not work out in the end but I am glad I freed myself from someone who could care less about me. Only you...YOU, can free yourself at this point. You should be tired by now, of all the roller coaster rides that you are on, get off the ride and walk away. Do not be afraid to free that space in your heart. I hope I am making some kind of sense.

    In summary, you are an AWESOME young woman, you have been blessed with a great life, you are holding yourself back with this man by not letting him go. I do not mean to offend you, after all I am an outsider looking in but I can bet you that you have not let this man go.

  5. I let him string me along for months after we broke up. He was just using me--I see that now.

    Letting go is a process. I'm working on it. Yesterday was a particularly hard day for me. But hopefully each day I'll let go a little bit more. And at least I didn't call him or email him about it! No contact for 3 weeks. It'll get easier; just have to keep on keepin' on.

  6. I like what Anon said. If he had wished you a happy birthday, it would just prolong the letting go process.

  7. You know the funny thing - one of my exes still wishes me a happy birthday every year. I used to think it was kinda sweet but really... I kind of just wish he wouldn't. Somehow I feel like he does it to say "See, I still care, I'm not such a horrible person." And while I don't think he's horrible I just kind of wish he wouldn't even make the appearance once a year.

    Just be happy I wished you a happy birthday ;-) Because obviously I am most important, muah-ha-ha.