Sitting in the Houston airport after a 36 hour jaunt to California, waiting for our respective connections, my boss and I were discussing my current state of unhappiness as it relates to my ex. I told her how much I hated his lack of honesty in our relationship, and especially how he would act as if he were withholding information in order to protect me. It would usually be along the lines of "I didn't want to upset you." I resented how he used me as his excuse for being cowardly.

She responded with the following: "The problem is that he was never really committed to your relationship." 

I simultaneously wanted to slap her and burst into tears. Fortunately, I did neither. But I realized in that moment something much deeper than the hurt of a love lost was going on. What was it about what she had just said that made me react so strongly? What nerve had she touched that in an instant made me feel as if I'd come unraveled? 

What she'd said was more or less a factual statement about our relationship. I'd been prepared to stick it out, and SCL walked out when things got hard. He never even tried to work on our problems--and that was his problem. So, why did it feel like a reflection on me that he gave up?  

I felt like I wasn't worth fighting for. I wasn't worth the effort of trying. I was dispensable. Traded in for something better. Tossed aside. Forgotten. 

As a child, I watched my father walk in and out of my life three different times, the last time for good. I thought that if I could just do or say the right thing, he would realize what a shitty father he'd been and would apologize. I would labor over long letters to him, telling him everything I felt and how he'd wronged me. Never once did he apologize. Never once did he admit that he'd given up. And I was left disappointed. 

Kids shouldn't have to earn the love of their parents. They certainly shouldn't have to earn an apology. I never should have felt like I had to convince my father to be a supportive presence in my life. Finally, I just gave up on him. He'd already given up on me years before.

My ex is just the lens through which I have been examining a pain that goes much deeper. It isn't about him; he isn't the root of it. He's still in the forefront of my mind, but in time that will fade, I hope. But the deeper pain won't unless I start admitting it's there. 


  1. *hugs* I know there's nothing I can say to make it hurt less. But I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. "I felt like I wasn't worth fighting for. I wasn't worth the effort of trying. I was dispensable. Traded in for something better. Tossed aside. Forgotten."

    Exactly how I'm feeling right now as I'm dealing with a similar situation. Good luck with everything!

  3. It is unfortunate how we oftentimes need the affirmation from those around us, especially someone we (thought we) loved.
    It is human nature, but you need to remind yourself that you are a wonderful, worthy and important person all in your own right. You don't NEED to have an SO to confirm that. Of course, it's nice...who doesn't want "someone special" in their life. It's a natural need and desire. And it is tuff when you had that and it is taken away.
    Maybe this opened up the old wound of your dad's abandonment. And that is why it hurts so is opening up an old wound and it is a certain type of rejection. But that is normal too, because we all receive rejection at some point in our lives.
    Being able to see what you see behind the loss of SCL is a step in the right direction. Maybe there is pain that you did not deal with, maybe it's just tuff to work through this new pain. It doesn't really matter, I am sure you will deal with it at some point, and get over it too. The main thing is that you do not let this pain affect your own sense of self and worthiness. You deserve someone who loves and appreciates you just as you are, and I am sure you will find that person someday.

  4. Girl, you are talking to my heart right now. I've been struggling with something similar for years and years. Driving home on Father's Day, it kind of came to a head in my heart. I haven't figured out how I'm going to handle it, but I do know that something on my end has to change.