Finals Time

I pride myself on being The Non-Student (if I have anything to do it I will maintain that status until the day I die--mark my word!), but I can't help but feel like I'm in finals mode right now. Probably because the second I landed in DC Monday night, I said to myself, "Three weeks, girlfriend. Three weeks and then you get to go back home."

It's pretty much the same attitude I had in college and grad school: quick, get over that Thanksgiving turkey coma and kick some paper/exam/studying ass! Since my project runs on the calendar year, I really am scrambling like a stressed-out student to get all the loose ends tied. The big thing I've got to do is write a report for our funder, which seems kind of pointless now because they've already cut us another check for 2011. Yay employment!

Merry Christmas II You
I see the next two-ish weeks as a to-do list. Buy this gift. Go to this party. Finish up this project. Two weeks seems doable. But living life as a to-do list is a pretty shitty way of going about life. It's just all I seem to be able to manage here lately. At least it's the holidays and I can crank Mariah Carey and buy stocking stuffers and burn candles that smell like pumpkin and candy canes to counteract the dark and cold because hello, apparently it is winter now. When did this happen?

If you're a non-student like me, do you still kind of feel like you're on an academic calendar? Are you just counting down until you (hopefully) get to eat lots of delicious food and wear pajamas all day and catch up on all of the seasons of The Real Housewives?

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  1. I've ALWAYS felt that way. Granted I'm taking classes right now but even during the years I wasn't in school I felt that way. I wonder if it ever goes away?

  2. I still feel that way! Let the count down begin!

  3. I kinda wish I still felt that way, actually. Sadly, it does go away ... or at least it did for me!

  4. No, even though I was in grad school recently, I don't feel like I am on the academic calendar anymore. I would spend my life in school if I could afford it though....

    I find it worrisome that you are SO unhappy that you are crying when you leave home and counting down the days until you can go back? I mean that in a nice way. Are you OK?