How to Ruin Christmas for Your Mom

Step 1. Mention in passing to your mom something you think is "crazy expensive" and that you'd never purchase for yourself.

Step 2. Begin cyberstalking of this product the day after said comment.

Step 3. Find lowest price possible on product and place it into e-cart.

Step 4. Delete product from e-cart.

Step 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 ad nauseum.

Step 6. Finally muster up enough balls to actually purchase product, justifying it as a "Christmas present for myself." 

Step 7. Receive product and excitedly begin using immediately.

Step 8. Mention to mom that you found "an incredible deal" on said product and purchased it for yourself last week.

Step 9. Watch mom's face drop as she tells you she bought you the same thing as your big Christmas gift.

Step 10. Feel like an asshole.


  1. Awww this post hurt my soul a bit. :(

  2. Oh no! That's a bummer.

    What was the item, btw? I'm curious!

  3. I feel the need to hug your mother. :)

    Despite the little flub, I hope you have an amazing holiday!


  4. It was one of those Clarisonic face brushes. I bought the "cheap" travel-sized one, and she bought me the deluxe version, complete with Philosophy products. So, we've laughed about it, I'll keep the one she got me, and use the one I bought myself for when I travel, which is a lot of the time!

  5. Crap. I have a rule to not purchase anything for myself in the month of December! G*d only knows what I've said out loud & people have picked up on over the year!

    Just read your comment and glad it all worked out =D

  6. That's so sad, but seems like you worked it out. Love it when parents get you nicer stuff than you'd get yourself. Happy holidays.

  7. oh no! That sucks. :( I am so surprised I haven't done this yet, definitely sounds like something I would do, too.