The Mysteries of PPD

You guys, what do you think PPD means? Here's what I've come up with so far.

  • Pretty Princess Day
  • Prissy Pamper Day
  • Puppy Power Dog
  • Physical Punishment Doom 
  • Pre-Processing Disaster
Ok, these are all ridiculous. Let me give you the context. 

For months, Carolina Man has been playing a weekend getaway for us, and has told me nothing about it other than a few very vague details about what time we'll begin tomorrow (7:30 am) and that our destination is less than two hours away from our house. Then yesterday, he hands me 6-7 sealed envelopes that have the letters "PPD" on them, numbered and with specific times written on them that I will open tomorrow. 

I can't believe he's done so much to plan for this special day together! I have no idea what we'll be doing, but I can't wait to find out. And of course, I'll make a full report once I know what's going on! 


  1. Post Partum Depression? He's pregnant! It's the ultrasound!! :)

  2. Well proposal starts with a P.... so we just need to figure out the other 2 letters!

  3. Krysten--I like the way you think! I just don't want to be presumptuous. :-)

  4. I'm betting on ____ Proposal Day. Does your name start with a P?

  5. Nope! He just told me it means "Progressive Pampering Day." But, who knows what's in store? :-)