The Proposal: Part One

I gave you all a snippet of the first part of the day, but here's a more detailed account for your reading pleasure. Oh, it's going to be so much fun reliving that day.

If you had a hunch that you were going to be proposed to, would you be able to sleep the night before? I sure couldn't! If you were the one planning to propose, would you be able to sleep the night before? Carolina Man sure couldn't! That means we were both wide awake by 5 am on Saturday morning, and I had over two hours before I could open up my first PPD card of the day.

It read:
My love, 
Although this may appear to be a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt, it is neither. This is what I like to call a P.P.D. or Progressive Pampering Day. I like to call it that because I just made it up and find it to be quite clever. 
Today is all about you. I want to show you how special you are to me by giving you a much-deserved "you" day. You will have fun, relax, eat well, and be generally pampered. 
The progressive part is that your destinations will be revealed throughout the day vis a vis these envelopes. No peeking! 
Get ready, destination one will be revealed right now. 
Carolina Man 
I came downstairs to find three plates of chocolate croissants (homemade by Carolina Man, and in milk, semi-sweet, and dark varieties), a pot of hot coffee made just the way I like it, and two beautiful red roses in a vase.

And of course, the next card, which I'll reveal next time!


  1. The suspense! I would have been freaking out just a tad!

  2. This guy is too much! Who was CL? Did they even exist as the same species? Man oh man...this guy loves you and it shows! Enjoy your magic day!

  3. Felisha--I love it! They are completely different species indeed. :-) So happy!

    1. was SCL now wasn't it? Just came to me. You are one lucky girl, and this is a man who knows what women like/want.

      It's as if he was created special for you! I hope you fully appreciate it, and I can see that you do!

  4. aha....romance. me likey...congrats again lovey

  5. Felisha--Haha, I kind of like that you forgot his "name." And yes, I am one lucky woman indeed!