We're Flying First Class

No, I'm not that Fergalicious. But I do fly a crazy amount for work, so much so that I'm now Silver Preferred on US Airways.

It's funny that free checked bags are a perk now. Remember when they were free for everyone? Well, now if I want to check something, I can do it for free. Just like five years ago. Even better, I get to board earlier, which means I won't have to check my bag because I'll get to stow my bag before all of the assholes with their giant-ass bags take up all the room. (I promise, I have a very small carry-on, and if we're on the same flight, I would be happy to assist you in shoving your oversized bag into the bin.)

But best of all? Complimentary upgrades! Just yesterday I got an email saying that I'd gotten upgraded to first class on my flight back from DC. I'm in seat 1A. 1A! The first seat on the plane! Perhaps I'm overly excited by this, but if you fly as much as I do, you'll understand that this is something worth celebrating.

Maybe this will make me hate US Airways a little bit less now for losing my bag every time I fly.


  1. I can't imagine flying as much as you do, it totally freaks me out. I am NOT a good flyer at all.

  2. Haha, I got US Airways Silver Preferred this past year with only two work trips: To/From Geneva Switzerland and To/From Hong Kong + Bangkok. I'm not sure if I prefer two BIG trips, or many little trips, but either way, I used the heck out of my free luggage "privilege" when I went backpacking in California. Sooooo much stuff!