Hola, Amigos!

Carolina Man and I are back, and what better way to be thrust back into reality than a little snow shower on a Sunday evening? I've never been surprised by snow before. Usually if there's even a hint of a possible snowstorm, it seems like the whole world knows about it. Maybe we were still out of touch because of post-vacation brains. But, we opened the door to take Lucy out, and the whole ground was covered!

Hasta luego, sunshine.

In short, we had a fantastic time in Mexico. It was sun, sand, and all-you-can-drink mojitos. Of course, we hit some bumps in the road that now seem really, really petty (i.e. getting bumped from first class on our way there and not being able to find towels by the pool). Even as I type them, I feel like a moron. Seriously, who gets upset about towels? I think it's hard to resist that sense of entitlement when you're paying a lot for a vacation. But, life is life, no matter where you are.

I'll give you a quick review of the Valentin Imperial Maya. Huge resort. Incredibly wonderful staff. Awful food. There you go. I could go on and on about why we didn't like the food, but I won't bore you. I think our lesson learned is that all-inclusives cut corners when it comes to what they're putting in front of you, and that we ended up going for quantity over quality most of the time. And we ate way more meat than we do at home. And drank about eight million times more cocktails.

For our honeymoon, I think we'll look for something smaller and with top-notch cuisine. 

All in all, though, we had a fantastic time. I loved that it only took us half a day to get there and back, which really maximized our time relaxing in the sun. And, we got to practice our espanol a good bit. Speaking of which, I'm thinking about taking some classes again. Anyone else feel like a complete dumbass because they can only speak English?

The best part about vacation? Coming home! Seriously, we were so excited to be back at our house and snuggle with our puppy. What a wonderful feeling to want to come home.


  1. My family and I stayed at a place in Playa del Carmen that I LOVED. It wasn't all inclusive but seriously - absolutely gorgeous place, super fun and nice staff and fabulous food. I keep dreaming about going back there, even though it wasn't all inclusive I can't imagine staying anywhere else if I went back to Playa.

  2. So glad to hear you had a good time... don't feel too bad about being irritated about not being able to find the towels. You were at an all-inclusive resort... you were paying good money to have the expectation that you wouldn't have to think to hard about details (like towels). My theory is that's there's travel (where you have to do a lot of planning and think everything through first but you get to see different cultures and countries through the locals eyes), and then theres vacation (where you plan to relax, enjoy good food, see the local sights, usually with a tour guide of some sort, and it's a vacation of the mind as well as the body). Both styles are important but if you're vacationing at an all-inclusive resort then I think it's pretty fair to expect certain amenities. That;s just my two cents though! :)

  3. Glad you had such a great time!

    As for the snow, it better go away quickly! I am visiting a friend in NC next month and it would be great if it were warmer than Seattle!