The Proposal: Part Three

Mom and I chatted and giggled the whole way to the mall. She and I hadn't been shopping for a fancy dress since my senior prom, and it's our absolute favorite thing to do. (Eee, I can't wait to go wedding dress shopping!)

Our driver Henderson could not have been more delightful. He insisted on opening our doors, which neither of us ever got used to, and dropped us off with a smile and a promise to return in two hours time.

Two hours to find the perfect dress? If anyone could do it, my mom and I could. We headed straight for our favorite department store. Usually when I shop, I find it nearly impossible to pick up anything that's not on sale. It just feels wrong to buy something full-price when I know everything goes on sale. But, I told myself that I was going to pick the dress I loved the most, no matter the cost. And that I wasn't going to get upset if my normal size didn't fit. (These are two major stressers for me when I shop.)

Mom and I split up to peruse the racks and came back with our favorite contenders: a sexy black dress with a plunging neckline, a high-neck metallic number, and this one.

There was no question that this was the one. I felt gorgeous in it. After a quick trip to the shoe department and Sephora, I had the shoes and lipstick to complete the look. And believe it or not, we still had 45 minutes to spare! That has to be some kind of record.

Time to open PPD Two!
Did we have a nice shopping spree? Did we find a nice evening dress? Well good for us!

All that shopping has undoubtedly made you hungry.

Come across the street and have lunch with me.

Carolina Man
And a few minutes later, Henderson was there with the car and Carolina Man, and off we were to lunch!


  1. I love how you're putting this into a series of stories. I can't wait for the cliffhanger ending, dying over here!

  2. asplenia--there were so many parts to the day! I am savoring each part. Sounds like you are, too!

  3. Seriously that dress is all sorts of gorgeous, you definitely picked the perfect one!

  4. Thanks, Krysten! CM said I looked like a movie star. I felt like one!