Will you oblige me while I stand on my soapbox?

Are you someone who enjoys non-procreative, heterosexual sex? Are you someone who would like to one day partake in non-procreative, heterosexual sex? Do you think all people who enjoy non-procreative, heterosexual sex should have information about and access to contraception, regardless of where they are employed, so that they too may enjoy non-procreative, heterosexual sex and plan their families (if they want kids) for the time when works best for them?

Or, are you one of the 15% of women who use contraceptives for non-contraceptive reasons, like endometriosis? Do you think that women should be able to access contraceptives for these reasons, no matter where they are employed?

Then you should be fucking pissed off at the "religiously"-charged, political conversations going on right now about contraception. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

And go read Sandra Fluke's testimony from today.

I went out a limb on Facebook and wrote how much I have to pay out of pocket for my birth control pills ($300 a year for a generic), and I'm insured! I'm fortunate that this is nothing more than a nuisance and not a financial burden. More of us need to speak out.

Oh yeah, and I'd really like to hear more from men, too. Last time I checked women didn't have to worry about preventing unintended pregnancy if they weren't having sex with men. 


  1. The amount of money birth control costs is fucking ridiculous. I don't have insurance and it makes me so mad how much I have to shell out just to make sure I don't get knocked up.

    You would think that the government would want to prevent unwanted pregnancies and would want to make sure that less of them happen.

    I could continue but I'll just get more angry. I'm with you 100% lady.

  2. This stuff makes me so upset these days, I can't even read about it anymore. However, you may enjoy this article:

  3. I am totally with you! The debate around women's reproductive health makes me shake with rage.

  4. I agree with you 100%. The nonsense going on right now is just insane. Hopefully enough people speak out.