The End of the Roarin' Twenties

That's right. Tomorrow I turn thirty, and I am PUMPED, y'all! I am ready to leave behind this decade and enter my next. At the same time, I know a ton of good stuff happened over the last ten years, so I thought I would recap a bit of it here:

Age 20: Moved to Florence, Italy for a semester. Visited France, Spain, Switzerland, England, and Germany. Went para sailing in the Swiss Alps.

Age 21: Figured out that I wanted to be in a helping profession. Saw for the first time systemic poverty, working in a homeless shelter in Charlotte, and decided to go to divinity school something. Did my college honors thesis on motherhood and theology, definitely a first step towards my work today.

Age 22: Interned at the most amazing, feminist-y, non-hierarchical organization EVER. Set up for disappointment at all future employment.

Age 23: Moved into a group house with fellow div school classmates. Proceeded to have the most ridiculous party of all time. The cops came and asked what frat we were. We had to tell them, "The divinity school."

Age 24: Graduated from div school and got the HELL OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

Age 25: Moved to DC. Got the HELL OUT OF CT. All rejoiced. Quit my job and found a new one that I love!

Age 26: Enjoyed the best of DC: getting invited to a meeting at the White House. Yes, it was amazing, and no, it hasn't happened since. Wah wah.

Age 27: Went to Malawi, first trip to the continent. Forever changed. Hired my first employee. Learned how to be a boss. Like a boss.

Age 28: Met my husband to be. Moved to NC. Got our dog Lucy. Got engaged! Quit the blog. Planned the wedding.

Age 29: Married my favorite person. Went on glorious honeymoon. Picked up blogging again. Enjoyed a more settled life in NC.

Can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring!


  1. I hope you let me steal this idea from you in a few months ;-)

    Happy (early) birthday love. I know your 30s will be AMAZING!

    1. Steal away! We should all reflect on the good things that have happened because Lord knows, the bad can overshadow it all too easily. Thanks for the birthday love!

  2. You did all that in your 20s?? That sounds like someone speaking at their retirement, omg. Wow, I'm so inspired. I want to steal the idea too!