Time for a Comeback? Well regardless, I'm coming back!

For you all who can remember ALL the way back to June 21st of last year, you'll recall that I gave up blogging. I needed a break from it. MT (formerly known as Carolina Man) and I were just beginning to plan our wedding, and the last thing I wanted was another place to talk about that. I was determined to stay sane through that process (and I succeeded! Yes, it is possible to plan a wedding and not go completely batshit crazy.) So, the blog was what ended up on the chopping block.

Fast forward to a few weeks after we returned from a beautiful honeymoon in the Grenadine Islands (never heard of them? Yeah, that was kind of the point), I was starting to play with the idea of picking blogging back up. Suddenly I had a lot more time (not to mention a lot more cash, holla!) to play with, and I started to realize that I really, really missed my community here. Even the trolls. Ok, maybe not them, but everyone else, I missed you!

So, here I am, asking to be let back onto your blog rolls and RSS feeds and into your hearts. I can't wait to catch up on what all of you have been doing and to share the daily goings on of a newly married woman living in Cary, North Carolina.

I am so happy to be back!


  1. Welcome back!! Your blog helped me through so many tough years and even now, without you even realizing it, you coming back is another gift. Yay!!

  2. ps. I always hoped you would come back! I wanted to hear what your new life was like. :)

  3. !!! Oh thank goodness, I've missed your blog! Welcome back lady!

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! I just switched readers and thought this was some kind of sick joke haha so happy it isn't. Welcome Back MRS =)