Maybe Baby?: Purposeful Conception


Before you get too many ideas, MT and I are NOT expecting a baby right now, but we are talking about it and preparing ourselves for what having a child would mean for us. A few months ago I read a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which I would highly recommend to anyone with a uterus (or in relationship with a person who has a uterus.) You definitely don't need to be thinking about getting pregnant to benefit from this book. It will amaze you how little most of us know about how our fertility actually works.

As great as this book has been and as much as I've enjoyed charting my cycles, I have not found much good preparation in terms of the other aspects of pre-conception/conception/pregnancy/parenting, like all of the emotional, psychological, financial, relational, and other changes that will rock our world. That's why I am super pumped to be part of the Purposeful Conception e-course that starts next Monday.

This course was designed by Sara, writer at Feeding the Soil and formerly 2000 Dollar Wedding, who spent a year researching and educating herself on all things pregnancy related before she and her husband began trying to conceive (they now have two little boys, one just born about a week ago!) She took all of that information and developed it into an online course for people who are thinking about conceiving a child or who are actively trying to conceive. The course has sessions for four weeks and includes an online community for discussion and questions. I was thrilled to find such a rich resource because she's done so much of the hard work for us and we get to benefit from her year of study.

I'm super excited for MT and I to go on this journey together as we explore the idea of becoming parents on day. There's still time to sign up for the class. Let me know if you join!


  1. Sounds really interesting, I may have to look into it. Izzy and I have been discussing kids and my biological clock and I'd like to be as prepared as humanly possible!

    1. That's how we feel, too. I really like her approach to parenting and life in general, so I'm excited to be part of this class. I'll let you know how I'm liking it!