Only the Lonely

Dad, when are you coming home? 

Does a week at home alone to do whatever you want, including running around the house in your underwear and dipping tortilla chips straight into a tub of sour cream, sound awesome? Yeah, it did to me too until I actually got it. Now it just feels kind of sucky.

MT is off on a work trip (ha, his turn finally!) and we won't see each other for nearly a week. At first I thought I might enjoy the alone time, which I have to an extent, but at a certain point watching Real Housewives of Bumbfuck and eating frozen chocolate chip cookie dough loses its luster, especially the morning after when I feel the surge of regret over my dietary choices.

Life with MT is just better. Period. The only upside to his being gone is that it makes me appreciate him more (that and I have total control over messes and when they get picked up.) But his absence has also left me feeling a little I have been walking around in a sort of fog. I did have social plans on Tuesday (that got cancelled) and Wednesday (that went really well), so I don't feel too much like a pathetic wife waiting for her husband to come home so she can make him dinner (which rarely happens in our house because Matt is the real cook.)

Rather than feeling too sorry for myself, I am just really grateful to have MT in my life, as my live-in buddy and confidante. It's nice to have someone to walk with the dog with at the end of the day and talk about what went down at work. It's fun to have someone who wants to stay up late playing Lego Harry Potter on the PS3 and will even stop to make popcorn in the middle of it because you are hungry. I feel really fortunate that we fit together in the small ways like that.

Baby, please come home. Our DVR is full of things I cannot watch until you return.


  1. I went to Japan for 12 weeks, and Jim waited to watch, like, three episodes of Doctor Who until I returned. That's pretty epic for a a Dr Who fanatic.

    A week goes by quickly, and then you'll sort of forget it ever really happened :)

    1. YES. Refusing to watch episodes of your favorite show until your partner can watch them with you is totally an expression of love.

  2. Aw, your last sentence is really cute. I remember when my spouse went away for work, and it just felt like my life was just quieter and I didn't talk that much (even though I went to work and did the same things as always).

  3. I remember when my ex started traveling and I was always SO EXCITED to have him gone. Probably should have told me how I was feeling about him.

    I HATE when Izzy is gone. He was away for a few days in June for a wedding and I couldn't wait to get him back!