Oh dear. Have I fallen off the face of the blogosphere?

Hi friends. Have you been wondering if I was still alive? Or perhaps if I was just another unfaithful blogger who grew bored of writing and just gave up? The answers are yes and no.

The truth is that over the last month or so, my job has gone from generally disappointing to ridiculously crazy and intolerable. I've just returned from an East Coast "tour" with international guests, and it's all I can do not to quit at this very moment. I've done event planning in the past. I know how stressful it can be. But this time I do not even feel the satisfaction of a job well done. All I feel is dread of having to go back to work next week. Eh.

The biggest problem in my office--and probably most offices and certainly most relationships--is a lack of clear communication about expectations. No one knows what their role exactly is, which means that is constantly changing and being dictated by the circumstances and feelings of the ones holding the most power. The result is that we all get run into the ground, everyone ends up unhappy, and lately it's been so much that I have trouble setting it aside when I go home. And that is not cool.

I want to talk to my boss about this, but I've heard from other staff members that she doesn't react well when confronted about anything. But I can't just sit back and take all of this in. Something has to be done.

My question to all of you is have you found a way to go throughout your days at work without feeling totally miserable and powerless?

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