Yeah, so my job is shitty. But that doesn't mean life is.

Here is a list of things in my life that are not shitty:
  • My health. Despite feeling tired and run down from the week, I have yet to catch SCL's cold from several weeks back. I appear to be in the clear for the time being. <>
  • My friends. Girlfriend L and her man are engaged! So excited to help with wedding dress shopping and vicarious wedding planning. Girlfriend C and new man K are visiting this weekend and we have plans for dinner this evening. Yay!
  • My partner. SCL has listened to a lot of my bitchin' this week over work and never complained about it. Now it's time to have some fun and forget all about this stupid job because it does NOT define me. Piss me off? Yes. Frustrate me? YES! Define me? HELLS NO!
  • My after-work activities, including adult glee club (read: super cheesy and fun) and college alumni reception at swanky location next week. This reminds me that my co-workers and I also need to plan another post-work happy hour!
So, this was for my own benefit, but I find when I'm feeling really bad about something that it helps to make out a list of what things I love in my life. Work, while difficult, is only one piece, and I have to keep in check how much of my energy and time I give it (reason #1 for not getting a blackberry; reason #2 is because I couldn't afford it!)

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