Sniffles, Coughs, and Sleep (Or, lack thereof)

It's that time of year when colds abound, and SCL is their latest victim. He started feeling bad on Monday, and yesterday he sounded just terrible. In my opinion colds are underrated in the misery category. Yeah, so they're common, but there is nothing more horrible than a bad cold.

On Monday evening, we headed to bed around 9:30--SCL in a cold medicine-induced coma, and I just exhausted from the day. But around 11:30, it started. The clearing of the throat every few minutes. That is one of the worst stages of a cold, when you can't really swallow and you feel like you're going to drown in your own nasal drip. Ew. I felt horrible for him, but at the same time I wasn't getting any sleep either. So I reluctantly headed into the living room and plopped down on what I thought was our very comfy couch. As it turns out, it isn't the best for sleeping. I'm not sure if I got any more sleep by moving to the couch.

Last night I decided to sleep in the living room again, but this time I pulled out the twin mattress, thinking that would be a little bit better. Not so much. I tossed and turned all night, something I rarely if ever do when I'm in our bed. So now I'm going on two nights of very poor sleep, which in my situation is akin to death. The good news is that SCL has been through the worst of the cold and I may even get to sleep in our big bed tonight. Hurray!

SCL has been a pity-evoking, but not demanding sickie. In fact, he turned down nearly every offer of medicine, juice, or other comforts. But he did let me rub his back for awhile. Now I'm saying a prayer that I'm not the next victim...but it seems more than likely that I'll get sick, too.

To all you more experienced co-habitators, how do you avoid getting your love's germs? Or is it just an inevitable part of being together?

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  1. Ugh! Tis the season. I'm just getting over being sick. The only thing that Matt and I did differently was not kiss on the lips or share glasses. Lets hope it worked!