Wishin' and Hopin' with Cautious Optimism

You all know how I am not liking my current job so much, right? I decided to take matters into my own hands and apply for a new job at an organization where I have wanted to work for years. Granted they're kind of in a financial clutsterf*ck at the moment, but heck, what organization isn't? The fact that they're hiring during aforementioned clusterf*ck is further indication of its utter dysfunction. But, it is dysfunction of which I am acutely aware--unlike my current job when I strolled in with the rosiest of fashionable glasses. Oh yeah, and the position at the other organization would be $20K more than my current job. That's right. TWENTY GRAND.

Here's the thing. I have an inside source who believes that the head honcho already had somebody picked out for the job. This is disappointing but also sort of good to know so that I won't get my hopes up too high. So, as in the title, I am waiting with cautious optimism. At the end of the day, I have a job already, and as my good colleague who actually did the interviewing said to me today, he predicts I'll be working at his organization in the next three years or so. This might not be the job for me, but there will be a job for me eventually. I just have to trust.

All of this has me contemplating/fantasizing about what I would do were I to receive a job offer, accept, and give notice. Would I take the opportunity to say to my current boss, "Hey douchebag, I'm outta here because you suck, treated me and the others like shit, and I hate how you say "um" NINETY SEVEN times during a TEN MINUTE presentation! That's like saying "um" every six seconds!" Ok, so probably not quite like that. But I feel like I would have to say something to her about her shitty managment style and how sadly, I had no reason to stick around and that's why I'm leaving.

Hmm...I'm wondering, are my biggest motivations getting a big fat raise and the chance to say "good riddance" to my current boss?

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