The Game

SCL and I are still on a mission to find mutual friends and things to do together. So, despite my only attending it once while I was an actual student, we are seriously considering attending a showing of The Game here in DC. The Yale-Harvard game, that is. Read: worst football you will ever subject yourself to.

But, The Game isn't all that bad. My second year of grad school I decided to actually go to The Game, mostly because my Harvard (boo! hiss!...just kidding) friend was visiting. I didn't really give a shit about going, but she insisted. And my brothers would have given me hell had I not attended the only important sporting event at my school at least once. So out of guilt and a little touch of hospitality, off we went.

Now, SCL and I weren't dating at the time, but we were flirting a little. We'd been at a Halloween party a few weeks before and he'd admitted that he thought I was hot. *smile* So needless to say that when he showed up and sat on my row just a few seats down from where I was, The Game got much more interesting. At half-time my friends and I decided we'd had enough (we were getting our butts kicked BIG TIME), and that we'd pass on the second half of what was a terribly painful performance on the part of Yale's football team. Instead we opted for a meal at the very luxurious Chili's, and imagine my delight when SCL, despite having to drive 6 hours home that evening, decided to join us for lunch. I'll never forget he ordered a margarita--a margarita in freezing cold November at lunchtime. It would take another four months and another big game (this time college basketball) to bring us together, but I still consider that our first sort of date.

Tomorrow it will have been two years since our first Yale-Harvard game. But this time I'll be warm (we'll be watching indoors--yipee) and cozy, next to my partner. And maybe we'll ditch it again at half time for some Chili's.


  1. This is a pretty cute story. Telling a girl she is "hot" is one of those adorably appropriate college come-ons, that somehow becomes less acceptable as we get older. (Whenever the Hubs tells me I am "hot" it is usually accompanied by his hillbilly imitation.) I hope you embrace this precious little morsel of youthful goodness.

  2. Ha ha. To clarify, SCL admitted I was hot after one of my inebriated friends said to him, "Isn't she hot?" He simply agreed that I was. :-)

  3. hey, haven't visited in a while but i love the look of it. i am totally computer incompetent, but i want to change my own blog somehow. hope you have a great holiday week and we can catch up soon!

  4. Thanks, VV! I just found it on a website with free blogger templates.