Patience vs. Complacency: Anyone know the difference?

I've been thinking about this a lot today. Waiting for something to happen or for things to fall into place can either be an act of patience or complacency. Maybe the difference is the expectation: patience assumes something for which one is waiting whereas complacency is settling for things not changing.

Here's the back story to this. You may remember how I almost got the job of my dreams a few weeks ago. Just when I was beginning to get over that, I found out that one of my colleagues, who has been fed up with the nonsense in our office for a long time, has found another position and will be leaving at the end of the month. Truth be told, I'm jealous that she got what we both wanted--a way out--and nervous about what will happen when she does leave. I'm predicting a serious shit-hits-fan moment, which will leave the rest of us remaining to do a lot of dirty work.

I feel like I've been waiting, waiting, waiting since I graduated college, and damnit, I'm fed up! In my head at any given time I'm thinking one or several of the following things:
  • I don't know that I like working in DC or that I will ever get where I want to go if I stay here.
  • I really want to be doing more independent work.
  • My bosses are going to freak out when my colleague leaves.
  • I really want to be a minister/get my license to be a pastoral counselor/work in a Faith Based Organization/be an event planner.
  • My organization is taking advantage of me by not paying me what I'm worth.
The thing is, there are days when I feel okay (aka complacent) about my job, but never good, much less great. So, what do I do in this period of discerning/waiting/trying to learn patience without becoming too discouraged?

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