En Route to My New Place (and New Life)

Forgive me for the lack of posting, but I really prefer to write substantial posts and this week just has slipped by with so much going on. I've had both planned and unplanned craziness. Planned: packing and moving (most of the little stuff is moved in, so just furniture left!); planning for two week trip for work and friend's wedding. Unplanned: writing a grant in two days to continue my job for another year, running for office in a local organization (lots of campaigning; meet-and-greets, etc.) The last one sounds like it should've been planned, but I made a last minute decision to run.

But the exciting thing, I am writing this from my new place! I am here for a few hours doing laundry (which I no longer have to pay for by the load!) and getting some of my stuff unpacked. Make that most of my stuff. I've got all my clothes, books, tolietries, and smaller things I could fit in my car, and I've unpacked about 95% of it. Wahoo! I even just took my first shower in my new bathroom, which I scrubbed down for about an hour before I would step inside (boys, learn to clean the bathroom!). And I am feeling more excited about living in a new place.

Last night I stayed over with SCL for the first time. He played the piano for me, which has to be one of my favorite things. For the first time he's really playing for pleasure, for himself. He told me when he was growing up his dad would always criticize his playing, so eventually he just stopped doing it altogether. But now as a grown-up he's picked it back up again, and I can tell it brings him a lot of joy. I know I'm the only person he'll play in front of, which makes it even more special.

Tomorrow is the big move day, and then I'll be more or less moved out of our old apartment. I'm ready to bid it adieu and move on. Time for something new, something fresh, something different. I'm ready.


  1. Congratulations on being at your new place and I am SO JEALOUS that you don't have to pay for laundry! I just did two loads today and had to dry the darks twice - which mants $1.50 rather than 75 cents. Girl.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Thank you, lady! Yes, I will not miss paying for laundry. It was $1.75 per wash AND per dry! So, $3.50 for a load of laundry. Ridic.

  3. Isn't that the best feeling? Knowing you're just about done with it all?! Congrats!

    I went from going years with my own washer/dryer to now having to pay. I don't hate it as much as I thought I did, but I do miss the convenience of it all!

  4. congrats, girlie. sounds like a smart move. and btw, i'm loving the new format of your blog. life is just complicated sometimes, isn't it? :)

  5. Thanks, everyone! My room is slowly coming together. Will post pics next week. Now back to bed...