Indulge Me, Will You?

I'm out of town for work and a wedding this week, so posting will be briefer for a bit. Stick with me!

The other day I asked SCL if he still thought it was kind of silly that I wanted a "not small" diamond engagement ring. I have fat fingers, sue me! I've mentioned before that this has been a point of contention between us in the past. He said, "Not as much." Ha!

Let's be honest. Diamonds have got some serious baggage. We need only recall Blood Diamond to remember why. SCL and I are in agreement that any rings we get need to be conflict-free. Back when we were looking at rings,  I found this site Brilliant Earth and instantly fell in love: totally conflict-free diamonds, recycled metal, but still way expensive.

So last night as I struggled to fall asleep in my strange hotel room, I got to thinking of alternatives. I'm not a traditional woman; so why would I want a traditional ring? I began googling "alternative engagement rings" when I came upon sapphire rings. Look at this beauty
I'm in love. And it's WAY less expensive than the diamond-center-stone version. So, I think when the time comes (if it ever does), I may mention to SCL that I'd like to look at other stones. You know, sapphires are rarer than diamonds.


  1. I love colour. I like coloured stones. I've never been all that a big fan of diamonds.

  2. My engagement ring is a sapphire for the main stone and a smaller diamond on each side. I ADORE it and I love that it's different from the usual diamond ring. So I am all for getting a sapphire ring and that one is a beauty!

  3. haha bear and i have this same conversation. i've actually picked out the ring i want on brilliant earth - love the site/designs.

    and i think princess di had a sapphire ring as well.

    he's always telling me that rubies and emeralds and sapphires are so much rarer than diamonds but i've just never had a diamond before...

  4. I like your taste lil lady! ;)

  5. That's such a great ring!


  6. Lol, YOU TOO?!?!? My husband is halfway through his dissertation, we have been married throughout this 5 year grad school process. I work for a non-profit agency as well, just hanging out, feeling like a total townie at times! LOVE that ring. i want a ring with a big fat emerald in it :)

  7. Steph, HI!!!! So glad to meet another PhD-student significant other. Awesome. Let's be friends.

  8. I love sapphires! I had no idea they were more rare than diamonds.

    P.S Not all diamonds are blood diamonds though,trust me I did my research. so if you change your mind the option can still be there.

    Diamonds are a girls best friend after all ;-).

  9. I'm going to point out that purchasing a conflict-free diamond continues to drive up the demand of *all* diamonds, even those that are not conflict free.

    Essentially, by purchasing any diamond, conflict free or not, you are encouraging the purchase of more blood diamonds. It's a matter of economics, but I applaud your decision to switch stones.

    There's a great list of non-diamond wedding rings on Oh, Hello Friend.

    But I *really* like the Karis Ring.

  10. Thanks, Iris. I want to look into other alternatives as well. It's both economical and ethical for us.