In an Ideal World...

SCL would be:

  • Five years older, done with school, and more grown up
  • More excited and less anxious about making a commitment to me
  • More appreciative of how much I love him and how dedicated I am to being a good partner
I would be:
  • Less fixated on my relationship issues
  • More secure in myself
  • Value my needs as much as I do his
Our relationship would be:
  • More defined
  • Stable
  • Mutually affirming
  • Satisfying for both of us
A woman can dream, right? 


  1. Yes, I concur. You'll get there. And if you don't, that's why God invented tequila!

  2. I think this is what everyone wants out of a relationship, really. We want to feel loved & valued, but don't want our own baggage and issues to be at the forefront. Like Krysten said, you'll get there!

  3. How about an "In This World..." which is a list about the things you are happy with in your relationship?

  4. We can only dream on, lol...

  5. Thanks for the love, folks.

    Anna--how positive (ha!) of you to invite me to focus on what's going on right now. I'll tuck it away for a day I'm feeling more optimistic. :-)