A Purging Ritual

After a much overdue catch-up session with Katie, complete with jumbo margaritas, I decided it was time to purge my life of all things ex related. I was pretty far along in the process to begin with--I'd gotten it all into a single box, tucked away underneath my bed. But, I hadn't taken that final step of actually getting rid of all of it. So last night, I went through and pitched every card, picture, and memento into a big black garbage bag.

It's not hard for me to understand why I wanted to hang onto that stuff. I'm a very sentimental person. I've kept every birthday card ever given to me.  I think that's in part due to being the third child in my family at which point my parents were pretty sick and tired of documenting their kids' every move. There isn't even a picture of me from the day I was born! So, I've taken it upon myself to keep things that are special and hold meaning.

After the break-up, I'd stuffed all of our memories into a boyfriend box and sealed it up just like I had with my exes from high school and college. I thought maybe one day I'd want to show my kids or something. But, that seems kind of ridiculous with this last relationship. It was too deep of a hurt, too disappointing. Why would I ever want to be reminded of that again?

I felt a little tug at my heart as I threw away the best pieces of us, but I know deep down it was the right thing. I know that those few highlights don't represent the real relationship we had--the distrust, the secrets, the dysfunction. Keeping them would have made me question the truth that I know--that he wasn't the right person for me.

I feel lighter.


  1. Best decision lady. You're in a much better place, no reason to hold onto the past.

  2. I think this was a fantastic decision. You have moved on from that relationship and need to leave the past behind you. Way to go, I know it couldn't have been easy!

  3. Wow, that's a big move. I still have a box for each of the ex's in my life. I'm sentimental and like to keep things, but I don't think they hold me back. Good for you though!

  4. I am so impressed at your ability to move on and not be tied down by your past. I am used to being with someone who attached sentimental value to everything she owned. I wouldn't be surprised if she had lint balls labelled "first belly-button cleaning". You are a blast of refreshing and emotionally mature air in my life. Every day I feel more lucky.