Changing Zip Codes

I got word that our application was accepted, and our official move in date is this Sunday. At this moment I am just thrilled and not thinking about the pain of moving into a new apartment. Of course the building has an elevator, but this is a new thing for those of us moving from apartments in old houses with staircases too narrow to carry much of anything up them. As I've said, SCL has done/is doing most of the work: renting truck, packing it, driving it. I'm still dealing with the self-imposed guilt.

Life is overwhelming at the moment, but mostly in a good way. I had fun during my lunch break updating my address on magazine subscriptions, credit cards, etc. It's so nice to have an address; I cannot overemphasize this. And, my friend from ATL called to say that she could come visit next weekend because flights are super cheap. I told her I couldn't promise that our apartment would be put together, but she's more than welcome!

Countdown to move in: 5 days

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