The Weekend: Friends, Food, and Clinic Escort Training

I used to volunteer at my Planned Parenthood in CT as a clinic assistant and pastoral counselor. When I started my job after school, I didn't have the flexibility to come into the clinic as often, but I knew that when I moved to DC, I wanted to have more direct contact with patients again--to be doing advocacy on a more grassroots level. This is important because 1) the need is great and 2) it helps keep me grounded in the cause of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice.

When I found out some friends were doing a training with the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force this weekend, I asked if I could join. I'd heard of the group before but didn't know they had a training coming up. The greatest thing is I can just show up without reserving a space. I'm excited to meet others who feel strongly about the cause and about protecting women.

SCL and I were chatting today about weekend plans, and he asked about the training. Then, to my surprise and delight, he asked if he could join! I was speechless. Of course he's supportive, but I just never knew he was interested in taking part in activism. So, tomorrow we will go together to learn how to support women. I can already picture us getting up early some Saturday morning, walking hand in hand to be shields, to be supporters, to be comforters to the women in DC.

I feel blessed to have found someone who is my partner in so many different ways.

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