Keeping my Anxiety in Check

If you have just signed a lease, here's a little advice. Please do not go to and read the reviews of your building. It will only make you anxious.

First of all, the people writing reviews are big whiny babies. I figure most of the people who go to a website like that are going there to complain. (Honestly, I cannot think of a time I've written a serious review to talk about how great something was. C'mon, people love to bitch.)

Second of all, our respective apartments in CT were complete messes. Complaints about management? Ha! Talk about not having any management at all in CT. For the last year only half of the electrical outlets in our kitchen worked. We couldn't have the toaster and the microwave going at the same time because it would blow a fuse. My landlord couldn't even be bothered to show people around our apartment, so he'd ask me to do it. Or, he'd show up unannounced, stating that he thought we usually weren't home at ____ time on ____ day. SCL's landlord did not list his own number but SCL's as the contact for people to call to look at the place. The nerve!

Third of all, we loved the apartment, and it's a great deal for the space and location.That's all that matters. And, we're just happy to be here in DC. We're not expecting paradise in our first apartment (hello, we're in our 20s). And if we don't like it, we can move after a year. Wouldn't be the first time.

Bye bye, apartment reviews!

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