Is this toothpaste mine--or ours?

SCL and I moved into our new apartment on Sunday. I'm in love! We're still in the unpacking process, especially because I'm at work and can't do much, but SCL has done a lot of the organizing and setting up. God bless him.

I honestly didn't think that living together would feel like much of a shift, but it is, especially in the little ways. It's hard to switch from saying "mine" to "ours," not because I'm a possessive two-year-old but because I'm just not used to saying it or having things that belong to us both. And, I'm living with another person, in the same room. Weird!

This morning I got up early, thinking I'd let SCL sleep in while I primped and got ready. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see him standing right outside. I thought to myslef, "What is he doing here?" and then I remembered that he lives there and maybe that means my routine will change, even my sacred getting ready ritual which involves a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror.

But, in other ways it's so easy. I love getting up in the mornings and having breakfast at our table together. I love not having SCL scurry home to his own place to get ready for the day. I love living with my partner and friend and knowing that he'll be there when I come home from work.

All in all, a wonderful decision for us.

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