Mini Freak-Out

Yesterday I had a moment of feeling really afraid that I wasn't going to be able to do this shared living. I feared that I was too selfish and too unwilling to share to make it work--and that I was going to be unhappy.

These last three weeks have been exhausting for both of us in different ways. SCL dealt with all of the logistical aspects of the move (and his own emotional piece as well). I dealt with the time crunch and starting a new job. The newness is what got to me yesterday. Nothing feels familiar. That isn't to say that I dislike my new job, my new apartment, my new city, my new life. I am very happy here, but nothing quite feels like home yet. I haven't had time to put things away or just relax with my man.

I decided last night that I needed time in the morning to be on my own to work out and that I needed one of the big walk-in closets to have only my stuff. So far that's helped. I also put away some remaining clothes, bags, etc. last night, so I feel like the space is coming together better. It's a process.

Thank goodness for good communication and a patient partner.

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