Break Up Blues: Music That's Helping Me Get Through

Anyone who has gone through a break-up probably understands the importance of the Break-Up playlist (oh, modern technology, how I love thee, how we are no longer confined to the mix-tape or CD). For me, I've got about six playlists so far that range from "Melanchology" to "I'm OK' to "Woman Power" to "The Healing Room." Here are a few tunes that are quickly becoming my go-to songs. Many lists to come in the future!

1. Ciara's "I Found Myself" from The Evolution

Why I Love it: Introspective, mournful, but also about moving forward and learning from love that has been lost.

What Playlist It's On: "I'm OK"

Best line:
So long, farewell
My lifes moving forward.
My ship has sailed,
And I'm so glad it's over.
My heart mends well,
After all that I've been through
I found myself.

2. Kelly Clarkson, "Don't Let Me Stop You" from All I Ever Wanted

Why I Love it: It's about reclaiming one's power by letting go, not begging your love to stay if what he really wants to do is go on and pursue other things...and other women.

What Playlist(s) It's On: "Woman Power" "I'm OK"

Best line:
Even if I end up broken-hearted/
I won't lie.
I don't want to hear goodbye/
But either way I'll be alright.

3. Sara Bareilles, "Love on the Rocks" from Little Voice

Why I Love It: She embodies all the mixed emotions of a break-up, especially the far-fetched hope that she can still patch things up. It reminds me of John Legend's "Ordinary People," a song I cannot listen to right not because he was an artist I shared with SCL. Don't you hate that?

What Playlist It's On: "F*** Love"

Best line:
Here's a simplification of everything we're going though/
You plus me is bad news.
But you're a lovely creation and I like to think that I am too/
But my friend said I look better without you.

4. KT Tunstall "Heal Over" from Eye to the Telescope

Why I Love It: It's the most soothing song, almost a lullaby for girls with broken hearts. And it reminds me that the pain isn't going to last forever.

What Playlist(s) It's On: "I'm OK" and "The Healing Room"

Best line:
Doesn't take a genius to realize/
That sometimes life is hard.
It's gonna take time/
But you'll just have to wait
You're gonna be fine/
But in the meantime/
Come over here lady/
Let me wipe your tears away.

5. Nora Jones "I Wouldn't Need You" from The Fall

Why I Love It: Heart-breaking in the most cathartic way. Plus I love her soulful voice.

What Playlist It's On: "Melancholy"

Best line:
If I touched myself the way you touched me.
If I could hold myself the way you held me.
Then I wouldn't need you, no, I wouldn't need you,
No, I wouldn't need you to love me.

There are many others, but I'm curious if you all have favorite songs that lift your spirits, are good for a cry, or help you say "f*** love." Please send 'em my way!


  1. Okay so I have a bunch of random ones

    Madonna-You'll See...this one is slow but definitely empowering

    Lara Fabian-I Will Love Again...I know this is an oldie and I'm sure you've heard it but if it's not on your play lists it definitely should be...It's the epitome of a good moving on song.

    Faith Hill-Stronger...I love love love this song. Talks about the pain of the breakup but says you will be okay...

    I can't believe you're really gone now
    But I know it's for the best
    And I know that we weren't right
    But I still reach for you each night
    And man that hurts like hell

    Those are some random ones. Let me know what yo think...I'm sure you heard most of em but sometimes when we listen to songs at certain points in our lives they have a whole new meaning.

    take care:)

  2. those sound great!
    how do you feel about country? because it's pretty much all i listen to and i have a million i can send your way.

  3. Thanks, Anna! So love that Madonna song. And you're totally right about hearing a song differently depending on what's going on in your life. When "Little Voice" came out, SCL and I had just begun dating, so I was oblivious to the pain in the lyrics. Now I listen to it and think, "Damn, she knows what I'm going through."I don't know Lara Fabian, so I will have to look her up. Thanks for the suggestions!

    LW, I'm OK with country crossover types and big names like Garth Brooks. Nothing too twangy. Or too cheesy. :-)

  4. Oddly enough, I love Stronger by Britney Spears. She kind of irritates me but it's a good song nonetheless. And Fighter by Christina Aguilera.

  5. Krysten, YES! Love Britney and Christina. Guilty pleasure music, similar to my guilty pleasure tv watching like ANTM and Real Housewives.

  6. How about Amy Winehouse's "Love Is A Losing Game"? Makes me want to stick my head under a pillow.
    Mary :-)