Sassy New Single Life: Vacation

I made last minute plans to travel to Orlando to celebrate my nephew's fourth birthday (and forget about what would have been my two-year-anniversary with SCL) at Disney World. I'll be blogging again in a few days.

I'll miss all of you! Keep rocking it out.


  1. Yesterday was what would have been my two-year anniversary with my ex. He texted me. I drank.

    Have a good time and try not to think about it!

  2. Yay! I love Dinsey World! Have fun :)

    Plus I hear Goofy is avilable if you are looking for a rebound guy...

  3. Give Mickey a kiss for me. That stud.

  4. Katie, I'm rethinking the need for a rebound. Let's chat when I return...I've been eying the cute college-aged Disney workers. Ha ha.

  5. YAYA! This will be so good for you! How can you be sad/mad at the happiest place on earth!?! Hope you have a blast! =D