Yesterday's Punch to the Gut

Yesterday should've been my two-year anniversary with SCL. As if that didn't suck enough, here's part of a brief exchange between us on Gchat yesterday. Go ahead and berate me about chatting with him if you want. I've earned it.

11:06 PM me: Part of me wants all the clothes I gave you back.
SCL: Are you going to take them?
me: I don't think it would help things.
11:07 PM SCL: I cried when I found the pictures and cards were missing from my closet
11:08 PM me: I didn't take those.
I don't remember doing that.
SCL: oh
no, you didn't
I'm an idiot
me: What'd you do with them?
11:09 PM SCL: I guess I just noticed some other things were gone, and then I saw them not there and I assumed you'd moved them
I had moved them last week, I just forgot until now
me: I needed to destroy some things.
11:11 PM But I wouldn't take anything that really mattered.
SCL: Thank you
11:12 PM me: I think I have been more than compassionate during this whole process.
11:13 PM SCL: I think so too
me: I tore up some pictures of the obsession you had. I got angry that there were no pictures of me and tons of her.
11:14 PM SCL: where were they?
me: In your photo album
11:15 PM Don't worry. There are plenty more.
11:16 PM SCL: there are pictures of you in these albums
me: I put them there.
The ones at the end? I put those there.
Two weeks ago
11:17 PM SCL: I don't really know what to say about that



  1. ewww...I'm mad at him for this "I cried when I found the pictures and cards were missing from my closet"

  2. I'm angry that he didn't realize HE didn't put those pictures of me in! Bastard.

  3. what an asshole! forgetting that he didn't put pictures of you in! Asshole!

    ok and also the combination "crying when the pictures were missing, which oops i actually moved myself" inspires no sympathy.

    you rock, he sucks, that is all

  4. Yeah, my ex keeps coming around and wants me to feel sorry for him too... I'm like, asshole, YOU dumped ME, remember? No pity.

  5. L, you're right. He's an asshole and he sucks!

    Katie, what is UP with this guys? They want it both ways--to break up and to have our sympathy. Forget it, jerks.

  6. I think if you *really* want to get some of your aggression out, you should saran wrap his car. You make it appear random, but it may make you laugh/cry with happiness and such childish behavior. I know it would me. Especially after what he just said.

  7. Ashley, unfortunately he doesn't have a car, so that won't work. Any other ideas? I have visions of walking in the door and smashing the cognac bottle and then making him clean it up.

  8. gah boys!

    hang in there. there's better out there.

  9. Hey, I gave you a blog award! Check out my blog for the details!

  10. He put pictures of you in his album two weeks AFTER the breakup? What's up with that?