On the Homestretch

After spending most of the week in Texas, Missouri, and Kansas, I'm finally back in the eastern time zone and ready to rock the last leg of my trip. So far I've addressed more than 1350 people, which has been exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Mostly, though, it's been the traveling to and from the airport, staying in hotels, eating restaurant food, and flying constantly that's got me feeling sluggish. But despite that, I've had a fantastic time so far.

Because I've been so busy, SCL and I have only had a few minutes here and there to catch up, but when we have, it's been great. We usually suck at talking on the phone, but because so much has been going on with me and he's been doing some fun things in DC, we've had a lot of good things to share with each other. It should be obvious to me, but when we're both happy doing our own things, we make a happier couple when we come back together. This is what so many of you have been telling me all along, but until I could start seeing it for myself, I wasn't quite sure.

I'm glad I don't travel like this all the time, but I am glad that I have a job that is fulfilling, exciting, and always changing. When I first moved to DC, I had a job I hated, and it really took a toll on me and my relationship with SCL. I was fortunate to find another one that I love because it's satisfying. I know not everyone can have her dream job, but I do hope we all can find ways of having that excitement, passion, and satisfaction on our own rather than seeking it all in our relationships. 

I have another busy two days ahead of me, but I look forward to being back with all of you when I'm home. Hope you're all having great weeks!


  1. Yay, welcome back and it sounds like things are going really well!

  2. I hope the last two days went well. I think it is so important to have a job you can enjoy. I know way to many relationships that have suffered because one person is miserable in their job!

  3. Hope everything went well!