Super Comments Award

Many thanks to DC Dating Divas for this "Super Comments" Award they gave me over the long-weekend. A nice thing to start off this week!

And now to share the love with some of my fellow bloggers:
I'm really starting to feel like a real blogger! Thanks to everyone who's reading along patiently as I muddle through this crazy situation.

Also, something to think about: what should I call this blog now? Would removing the "ex" be like jinxing it? Change it to something else? When?


  1. Thanks lady!

    And a new name for the blog... hmm. Not sure, I'm terrible with naming things. I'll think it over though!

  2. You're welcome! We love your blog, and the comment love you leave us ;)


    The Divas

  3. I was wondering when you were going to get around to this! Definitely take off the "getting over" sub-title. Me, I'd remove the ex since you really are his girlfriend again, just a little different. Play with the sub-title! I'm rooting for your success and happiness however things end up!

  4. Awww thanks! My blog name is in transition! lol Maybe your blog name should be unrelated to your relationship status....since you are focusing more on you and SCL is taking a sort of backseat...kind of. I love the caption though! Its complicated!

  5. Congrats on the award! I was wondering if the name would get changed. I hope everything works out well! XXOO