We're Halfway There

My cross-country adventure is about half-way done--well, half-way to being back to DC for 48 hours before leaving again. But, the thought of two nights in my own bed is intoxicating. This is the most fun one I've slept in since leaving DC at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver.

I got great news yesterday that our funder for the project I direct has given us an additional year of funding, so I will be gainfully employed at least through December 2011! 

In between speaking engagements, I've been spending a lot of time responding to matches online. I'm realizing that I can't put all of my hope in Dr. Nutrition who has continued to be quite silent since I left. I've decided that I won't worry about it until I get back to DC and things are "normal" again. We have a tentative date planned for next Tuesday, but I'm not counting on it.

I'll check in again soon!


  1. I agree with you completely. Don't put all your eggs into the Dr. N basket. Although he seems like a great guy, and really into you in some ways, his desire for communication and nourishing the relationship seem to be a bit less than what you desire and need.
    so, it's great that you held off on the sex card, and decided to give it some time. He is obviously not ready to committ to being exclusive, and perhaps it is a bit early for that anyway. So keep those options open, enjoy the ride, and don't be in a big hurry to start something too serious too quickly. I look forward to hearing about your other dates, and how Dr. N plays out.

    PS Looks like your work has taken you to some beautiful areas. Pics were great!

  2. That hotel room looks really neat! Glad to hear things are going well and you're getting more funding, yay you!

    And I think you're being really smart to just play things by ear and not put all your "eggs in one basket."

  3. I like your casual attitude about Mr. Nutrition. That's the way to do it, girl! And what a cute hotel room. But I know exactly what you mean about sleeping in your own bed after days of being away. It feels like heaven on earth.

  4. You should post more pictures of your travels :)

  5. Hope you have a safe trip back! Warning: It is freezing here today!


  6. Good for you :) I agree~best not to put all your eggs in that basket as someone above stated. You're going about this in just the right way, primarily by putting yourself and your needs first. That's the way to do it!

    Safe travels!

  7. Well I am missing you in blog-land. Hope your trip is wonderful.

    I have no idea what the deal is with Dr. Nutrition but I can give you a tid-bit that helped me when I was dating: the easiest way to figure out a guy's level of interest is to sit back and let him chase you. It is really a genius solution b/c A) men love to do the chasing and B) it so much easier to let a guy fall to the wayside on his own accord then to waste emotional energy on someone who hasn't proved himself yet. Just sayin.

  8. Hi FL girl, I miss you, too! And I think you're right about chasing. Dr. N and I had a great date this week, and I let him come to me! :-)