It's a Beautiful Morning

Hi dearies! Writing from Sheridan, Wyoming--not exactly a place I ever thought I'd visit, but it's so beautiful here. The weather is perfect, the leaves are turning, and the people could not be more lovely. Here's the view from my hotel room.

And this beautiful park we found off of Main Street....

And my new lovely Kenyan friend is the best travel companion a girl could ask for, despite all the weirdness that is the US of A. I'm seeing the country through completely new eyes.

The best part? I'm almost completely occupied with work and hosting my friend that I have very, very little time to act like a crazy person about Dr. Nutrition. We touched base Thursday night, but I've been super busy since then. I've even regained a new sense of enthusiasm for online dating and may have a few dates lined up for the week when I return.

Needless to say, this trip has been exactly what I've needed. Tomorrow we are off to Denver. More pics to come!


  1. Glad things are going good lady! I'll have to add Sheridan, Wyoming to my list of places to visit, it sounds nice!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you're breathing in some good air. Sometimes a quick escape is all we need to give us a renewed lust for life :) Good for you. And I look forward to reading about your upcoming dates!

  3. it looks beautiful! enjoy your trip!!!!

  4. By the way, I love your blog so I gave it a lovely blog award! Stop by when you have a chance!

  5. Sounds like a nice break. Excited to hear about your dating adventures coming up.

  6. amen to cornflakegirl. so happy that you've been having such a wonderful time. take care of you, chica.